Arthur Penny
City of South Pasadena, 2016-2017

Jack Nazario
City of Belleair Bluffs, 2015-2016

Alan Bildz
City of Treasure Island, 2014-2015

Bill Jonson
City of Clearwater, 2013-2014

Sandra Bradbury
City of Pinellas Park, 2012-2013

Thom Barnhorn
City of Seminole, 2011-2012

Tom Shelly
City of Belleair, 2010-2011

Mike Yakes
City of Gulfport, 2009-2010

Rick Butler
City of Pinellas Park, 2008-2009

Janice Miller
City of Oldsmar, 2007-2008

Chris Arbutine
City of Belleair Bluffs, 2006-2007

Beverley Billiris
City of Tarpon Springs, 2005-2006

Bill Jonson
City of Clearwater, 2004-2005

Jo Jeter
City of Temple Terrace, 2004

Jay Lasita
City of St. Petersburg, 2003-2004

Sam Halter
City of Tampa, 2002-2003

Ernie Wever
City of Brooksville, 2001-2002

Dottie Reeder
City of Seminole, 2000-2001

Michael Yakes
City of Gulfport, 1999-2000

Scott Black
City of Dade City, 1998-1999

John Doglione
City of Dunedin, 1997-1998

George Jirotka
City of Belleair Shore, 1996-1997

Scott Paine
City of Tampa, 1995-1996

Walter Stubbs
City of Treasure Island, 1994-1995

Jean Halvorsen
City of Largo, 1993-1994

Richard Fitzgerald
City of Clearwater, 1992-1993

Barbara Gilberg
City of South Pasadena, 1991-1992

Vincent Scheer
City of Inverness, 1990-1991

Donald H. Ahmann
City of Belleair Bluffs, 1989-1990

Alton R. Dettmer
City of Safety Harbor, 1988-1989

Robert Prior
City of New Port Richey, 1987-1988

William Bartholomew
Town of Kenneth City, 1986-1987

Holland Mangum
City of Seminole, 1985-1986

Frances Henriquez
City of Tampa, 1984-1985

Thomas Ravelli
City of South Pasadena, 1983-1984

Helen Ercius
City of St. Pete Beach, 1982-1983

Lawrence Puckett
City of Dade City, 1981-1982

Yvonne Johnson
City of Gulfport, 1980-1981

Vinel S. Lewis
City of Crystal River, 1979-1980

Clinton R. White
Town of Kenneth City, 1978-1979

Virgil Sturgis
City of Largo, 1977-1978

William Devoe
City of Pinellas Park, 1976-1977

Clyde E. Sullivan
City of South Pasadena, 1975-1976

Donald S. Williams
City of Clearwater, 1974-1975

Richard Cheney
City of Tampa, 1973-1974

Eric Anderson
Town of Kenneth City, 1972-1973

John Nielsen
City of Madeira Beach, 1971-1972

Vincent J. Meloy
City of Tampa, 1970-1971

Richard L. Brooks
City of Pinellas Park, 1969-1970

Lewis Abraham
City of Dade City, 1968-1969

Don Jones
City of St. Petersburg, 1967-1968

R. Samuel Rileigh
City of Belleair Shore, 1966-1967

Joseph Turner
City of Clearwater, 1965-1966

James Jarrett
City of Zephyrhills, 1964-1965

William N. MacNeill
City of Gulfport, 1963-1964

Harry D. Powell
City of Largo, 1962-1963

Walter Williams, Jr.
City of Indian Rocks Beach, 1961-1962

Albert R. Rollins
City of Tampa, 1960-1961

Cleveland Insco
City of Clearwater, 1959-1960

James Roesler
Town of Indian Shores,  1958-1959

W. Roy Smith
City of Naples, 1957-1958

J. C. Bacon
City of Brooksville, 1956-1957

A. Sterling Hall
City of Bradenton, 1955-1956

Samuel Johnson
City of St. Petersburg, 1955