2018 SLC Legislative Priorities

We, as empowered members of the Suncoast League of Cities and elected officials representing one million citizens, advocate on a regional level the following 2018 Legislative Priorities:


Vacation and Short Term Rentals

The Suncoast League of Cities supports legislation that repeals the state preemption of the regulation of vacation rental properties.

Restrictions on Local Government Finances

The Suncoast League of Cities opposes any legislation that drastically impacts the fiscal viability of our local governments to provide service to our citizens.

Business Regulations

The Suncoast League of Cities supports legislation that provides recurring allocations of financial resources for local government programs and projects resulting in the protection of water resources, the improvement of water quality and quantity and the expanded use of alternative sources of water.



Flood Insurance

The Suncoast League of Cities supports efforts by Congress and FEMA to keep flood insurance rates affordable while balancing the fiscal solvency of the National Flood Insurance Program.

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