Clearwater Gas System (CGS) is owned and operated as an enterprise utility by the City of Clearwater and operates over 800 miles of underground gas main and handles the supply and distribution of both Natural and Propane (LP) gas throughout northern Pinellas County and western Pasco County.

As a “full service” gas utility, CGS provides gas appliance sales and service, construction and maintenance of underground gas mains and service lines, and 24 hour response to any gas emergency call within the service area. Clearwater Gas System is regulated for safety by the Florida Public Service Commission and the Federal Department of Transportation. CGS has been serving customers in the Clearwater area for over 75 years (since 1923) when operations were begun with a manufactured gas plant operation. In 1959, when natural gas transmission lines were extended to peninsular Florida, CGS discontinued the manufacturing of gas and began receiving piped natural gas from Florida Gas Transmission.

Since 1923, CGS has provided clean, safe, reliable, economical gas service to the Florida Suncoast Community that we are privileged to serve. At a time when the utility business is marked by corporate mergers, and outsourcing of many customer support functions, CGS is proud to be a vibrant, community-based, full-service energy provider. Clearwater Gas Systam offers a basic line of gas appliances for sale, and they have a complete service and repair department staffed by trained technicians to maintain residential and commercial gas equipment.

Clearwater Gas System prides itself in being a competitive and public service – minded utility, making economical and environmentally-friendly gas available in our community for many homes and businesses in their service area, with special focus on the residential customers who make up nearly 77% of their customer base.


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